Deliciously Nourishing * Soaked & Sprouted * Gluten-Free Goodness

HELLO!  I’m Janet Malone  WELCOME to my Kitchen!

My journey towards a “Healthy Lifestyle”, which included a nourishing, whole foods diet, began when I became pregnant with my first son, John, in 1991.  I was on a quest to make the most nourishing, satisfying and yummy creations possible.  This included making bread for my family from freshly ground, organic, whole grains.

After being introduced to the book Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon I began to implement all the great principles to properly prepare my grains.  I continued the quest to provide my family with scrumptious, nutrient dense, whole foods. After years of research and a lot of experimenting, my wonderfully improved, Deliciously Nourishing Bakery was actually requested by many family and friends!

A certified kitchen was added to the Malone home, which is located just west of Cascade, Wisconsin.  Chambers Creek Kitchen began operating in December of 2010, producing my Signature Soaked and Sprouted organic, whole grain products from wheat, spelt, kamut and oats with quinoa, amaranth, millet and flax seeds.

I had struggled my whole youth being chronically ill including digestive problems, asthma and psoriasis. I thank God that I discovered in 2011 that a gluten intolerance was a huge factor in my issues with tummy troubles.  I no longer ate my Organic, Soaked & Sprouted gluten laden products.  In March of 2012, it was discovered that my daughter, Janessa, also had a gluten sensitivity.

The decision was made to “Clean The Kitchen” of all gluten! Our whole family including our 6 children now eat a gluten free diet in our house.  I am dedicated to producing Deliciously Nourishing, Soaked & Sprouted, Organic, Whole Grain, Gluten-Free Products, prepared using Nourishing Tradition methods to enhance nutrient content and  digestibility.  I use ELISA gluten free tests to less than 10 ppm in my dedicated Gluten Free Kitchen.

May you be Deliciously NourishedDSCN0374 - Copy